Hyderabad is one of the fastest-growing cities in India, home to corporate headquarters of several big companies. The city’s economy has remained much more vibrant and balanced due to its wide variety of industry sectors and because of the diversity in small to large corporations. With this, it is easy to understand why most of the businesses are flocking to this beautiful city.

The pearly city is poised for continuous and unparalleled growth, especially for the enterprises, businesses across Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Transport Sectors and other correlated sectors. These industries are integral to the city’s success. And the Indian Hajj Umrah Expo is all glad to show its support by bringing all these business sectors under one roof.

The city boasts of mixed population, people of different religions living in harmony and of which almost 40% is constituted by Muslim Population. Thousands of Muslims from the city and in around other cities, states in India go to perform Hajj and Umrah (as it is a cherished ambition for almost all of the Muslims, a dream that is backed by revered hope and fervent desire)

Indian Hajj Umrah Expo is an attempt that has been made to provide easy access for the Indian Muslims and Muslims across the globe to Hajj and Umrah Travel Services, in a nutshell, to provide comfort to all pilgrims.

The EXPO has been organized taking into account the need of Muslims in the city and across India and other countries, studying with all keen interest the challenges which erupts, opportunities which are there to seek and much more.

By being a part of it, you will have wonderful time exploring latest products and solutions pertaining to Hajj and Umrah as there will be 100s or 1000s of industry leaders who will be exhibiting at the EXPO.